To make things more interesting for you as you browse the  F1 wallpapers in our site we have added some interesting snippets of information that will hopefully help to increase your knowledge of the sport. Formula One has a fascinating and intriguing history and we will endeavour to unearth some facts that you may not have been aware of as you surf through the site. Do take the time to check out the non Formula One images as well, there are some great cars and drivers in the other categories, and some categories like F3 are a proving ground for tomorrows F1 stars.

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Bruno Senna, nephew of the late, great Ayrton Senna is currently driving in the British F3 Series for Raikkonen Robertson Racing. How long before the Senna name is back in F1?

Michelin tyres were well used in 2005. The French manufacturers product completed almost four times as many laps during the season as did Japanese rival Bridgestones.

Takuma Sato was the busiest race driver during the 2005 season. The Japanese star drove over 10,000 miles in his BAR during the year, but it still wasn't enough to keep his job!

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