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Britains John Surtees is the only driver to have won world championships on two wheels and four. Big John won his only F1 title in 1964 driving for Ferrari. Nobody has come close to emulating this feat, but maybe the supremely talented Valentino Rossi will soon be tempted to try!

Australian Jack Brabham is the only driver ever to win a Formula 1 world title driving a car bearing his own name . Black Jack was a triple F1 champion, taking his first for Cooper in 1959, repeating this feat again with a back to back win in 1960 and finally driving a Repco Brabham to the title in 1966.

Fernando Alonso scored two firsts in 2005. He became Spains first ever F1 world drivers champion and the sports youngest at the tender age of 24 years . Alonso who began his F1 career with Minardi is surely destined for many more wins and maybe titles in the years ahead.

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