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Lotus F1 Team launches 2013 Challenger Type E21 Live from Enstone on YouTube

Lotus E21The Lotus F1 Team was first out of the blocks to unveil its new 2013 car designated the E21 live on YouTube in association with Sky Sports at 19:15 today. The launch was presented by key players, Team Principal Eric Boullier, Chairman of Lotus F1 Gerard Lopez, Technical Director James Allison and drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean.

The two drivers unveiled the car to the eager audience either there in person or live on the web. One of the first features to be scrutinised was whether the cars stepped nose had been retained and no doubt much to the disappointment of many it was still present. When asked about the new car Technical Director James Allison said it bore a strong family resemblance to its predecessor and this was due in the main to the stability of the rules, but he explained that there had been many changes that should offer a significant improvement in performance and that the devil was in the detail. On the stepped nose he said that a cosmetic panel could have been fitted but this would have added a few extra grams in weight. He did not however rule out fitting a panel later if they could derive some extra down-force from the design.

Team principal Eric Boullier stressed that the team would be looking to build on the momentum from 2012 and stated that the team's target is to finish in the top three in 2013. There was a last minute panic at the Enstone venue as apparently the marquee to be used for the launch almost blew away with the strong winds currently being experienced in the UK. A rapid preparation of the race bay area rescued the situation and provided an alternative location for the unveiling. 28/01/2013


Lotus F1 Team to Launch E21 Live from Enstone

Lotus F1 Team has confirmed that it will unveil its 2013 challenger designated the E21 at Enstone with the launch being streamed live on its YouTube channel at from 19:15 GMT on Monday 28th January. Lotus F1 Team will be the first to unveil their new car to the public. The event will also be showcased live on Sky Sports News HD in the UK including exclusive interviews and additional content.


Lotus F1 Team extends partnership with Henri-LLoyd

Lotus F1 Team has announced that it has commenced a new partnership with Henri-LLoyd a World leading British Marine Clothing and Lifestyle apparel specialist with a new range of travel clothing for the team and consumers. The partnership is set to expand over the coming seasons to see Henri LLoyd take advantage of Lotus F1 Teams's business and marketing channel as Henri-LLoyd looks to develop new markets.


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